The Open CALL

This is an international invitation for the Open CALL addressed to artists,
designers and creatives to present their 
protection masks and to sell them.

Deadline: As part of the international call extended till September 10, 2020

Submission conditions:
1) Please send one picture (JPEG,PNG in format 1.920 x 1.080px, size 1 MB) 

of your mask to

And also include one extra picture of someone wearing the mask, which will only be used
for publicity on the website, 
in social media and in the press


2) Your name, E-mail and telephone number

3) The name of the work

4) When your mask art was created, what materials and techniques were used

5) Please inform us whether it is a unique example or how many copies you have
6) Estimated price ¹ (bearing in mind the 25% sales commission)

What the project gives you: 

a) We will show your artwork every week on our homepage

in our newsletter, on facebook and instagram
b) From May every week the public will vote and choose 10 art pieces
(all the other submitted artworks can be purchased by e-mail)
c) A panel of experts made up of artists, curators, heads of museums will curate a
 large exhibition. Details will follow

d) With the net proceeds we will support the Artists Care Home Baden-Artists help artists -

Verein V&V&V



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