All over the world, masks are what people are talking about. Protection and solidarity are the order of the day. 

Art is the glue that binds us in difficult times.

Art protects people from loneliness and the mask protects us in our daily routine.


Community spirit will inspire artists while they create and thus a dialogue between art, healthcare and community will spring up.

Since ancient times, the mask has disguised and transformed the face. It  has also featured as 
an indispensable element in theatre
and in various cultures in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 
As a symbol throughout the historical venetian "carnevale", in early
modernism or during the 
carnival "Fasching" celebrations in Austria, for years the mask has experienced a flourishing and enriched
art with its depiction in the 
form of sculpture, painting and photography.

The aim of is to offer to a broader public all the enormous possibilities that protective masks provide and to ensure

that "maskwearing" can become a creative and upbeat experience.  

HALDIS SCHEICHER (A) - The monocle series, 2020 / For example „keep on smiling“ and „show me your smile“

Materials: silver, photo on cardboard, foils / Photos: Dora Kuthy 
 Upon request, a monocle can be made with a photo of the buyer's own smile

HALDIS SCHEICHER (A) -The pouch for the mask, 2020